Hi again.
Larry here…and as I said on the video, I GREATLY appreciate you taking the time to stop by.
You didn’t watch the introductory video ?
Can I ask you a favor ?
Please watch it before you continue reading this.
I feel that the info on the video is important.
I want you to feel “at ease” with this company you are now learning more about.
The video is short, but…if I was in your shoes, the shoes of the consumer, I’d feel better knowing what is in the video.

That being said, allow me to make this page about as simple as I can for you.
Larry receiving an award
Yes…Grandkids and Dog’s are sometimes seen at The headquarters !
How could you say no to Frank ???
Staff donating food to those in need !
I’ve owned this company for 3 decades.
30 years is a LONG time to stay in business, especially when your business is in such a competitive industry !
Yes…there are LOT’S of companies out there who who deal with Heating, Cooling and Refrigeration. As I stated in the video…some good ones ! Friends of mine actually. But… many have STARTED, only to go out of business. We have survived and THRIVED, and have shown growth EVERY year, because we do it right!
How many times have you been FRUSTRATEDwhen you’ve called another company, they show up late…are unkempt, unprofessional, and even though they said the problem was fixed…you had to call again because the problem resurfaced ?
How many times have you been FRUSTRATED.KNOWING that you were overcharged, or you felt you got “stuff” you didn’t need ?
Those things get you FIRED UP !
And you want to VENT
but it seems to fall on deaf ears !
As our Logo states…


Another PERFECT new install !
Future sales manager…ALREADY sellin’ !!
Austin Vensel and Hannah
We truly BEND OVER BACKWARDS to ENSURE that the job is done right the FIRST time, and at the RIGHT PRICE !
As the video stated, I am a man of STRONG faith, and I operate my business AND my life, knowing that I am accountable for my daily actions.
You can trust me.
You can feel CONFIDENT that “cheating, stretching the truth, cutting corners, gouging prices and dishonesty “…are words and terms that DO NOT HAVE ANY PLACE in my life or my business.
Yes…those are just words, but, I am a man who knows the strict penalty of dishonesty.

PLEASE click on the video below.
The VERY FAMOUS and BELIEVABLE woman below, will help you feel confident that you CAN
TRUST My Company and me !

So…here you are.
You have a decision to make.
Do you want to believe me and TRUST me and my company ?
You EXPECT me to say positive things about me and my company.
I GET that.
But…how about we take ME out of the equation.
How about you take the words of my ecstatic clients, who routinely recommend Ventec to their family and friends.
Why do we get so many referrals ?
Well…we do it all…and we do it RIGHT !
Hi…Larry’s Mom again ! We love the LORD and we love our Country ! You WILL notice a difference when dealing with Larry and his staff. That’s cuz I brought him up the RIGHT WAY !
Walk In Freezer Installation…done by the BEST…VENTEC !
VENTEC – We are always here to ensure that you KEEP your COOL !
We sell and professionally install NEW Heating and Air Conditioning Units.
We don’t install JUNK, and we only use RELIABLE, HIGHLY RATED brands, such as Trane, Carrier, Mitsubishi and more !
Not only do we install COMPLETE units for Residential and Commercial customers, we also SERVICE ALL BRANDS !
Maybe you don’t NEED a new unit. Maybe you simply need some repairs.
We are EXPERTS in this industry, and we truly repair ALL makes and models, and we do it RIGHT…the FIRST time, and we would NEVER tell you that you need something that you don’t need !
And…how are YOU supposed to know whether you REALLY DO need what the repair technician says you need ?
When THIS happens…you should be able to TRUSTTRUST the company making those statements.
Refer back to the video and the FAITH that this company is built on !
You CAN trust VENTEC !
Efficiently cooling and heating your home or office ?
3 DECADES of EXCEPTIONAL service which has earned us an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau !
We also rent commercial sized freezers and walk-in coolers.
This is a GREAT option for restaurants, emergencies, special events and functions !
We deliver, and SAVE YOU LOT’S of $ !!
You can learn more about Refrigeration and ALL of the services we offer by taking the time to visit the links at the top of the page.
And PLEASE make sure you visit the Clients-Bravo’s page…which is the testimonial page.
These folks were JUST like you.
They had to make a choice. Choose Ventec or someone else.
I truly believe, that if YOU choose Ventec, you too will be on that page !
Give us an opportunity to EARN your business, and we’ll do the rest.
You’ve experienced the broken promises and the less than desirable service of others.

Now…you can proudly VENT !

And when YOU VENT.…that means HELP SENT !!!!
Learn more about our “VENT PROMOTION” on the VENT PROMO link,
 to see how YOU can get some REALLY NICE FREE STUFF…just by giving us the chance to EARN your business !
Click on the Vent Promo link…and get ready to have some fun !
My entire staff and I look forward to serving you, and we look forward to EXCEEDING your expectations!

Larry Vensel

Thanks to God for keeping me grounded and honest for the last 30 years !
Also, a HUGE thanks to my wife Sheryl, as she is the GLUE that keeps me together…and thanks to my sons Mike and Austin and their families for bringing me GRANDCHILDREN !

Mike and Austin are not only WONDERFUL sons, but EXCEPTIONAL employees/future owners !  And, thanks to my dog MOOSE…the company mascot, who’s cold nose wakes me up in the morning !! 

I APPRECIATE my entire family, employees, my CUSTOMERS and am thankful for everything I have! As you can see, I’m not afraid to put it all out there !
Stop by the office…meet the staff, grab a cup of coffee, pet the dog, hold the Grandkids….and get a GREAT QUOTE for what it is that makes you VENT!!!!


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