We specialize in, and feel we have excelled in the service and installation of all Heating, Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Systems for residential, commercial and industrial settings. You have clicked on the RESIDENTIAL link.

Well…think about this: Ventec is a PROVEN company who has installed HUGE and COMPLEX Industrial Air Conditioning units at some very well known companies and large buildings that you may drive past on a regular basis.

When it comes to ensuring the comfort and reliability to hundreds or thousands of employees in an industrial setting, when HUGE units must be brought in by big trucks and placed on roofs via large cranes…well…..

TRUST US when we confidently say…WE CAN HANDLE the sales, installation and service for your residential unit ! We have listened to the “VENTING” of THOUSANDS of residential customers…just like you over the last 30 years…and when they would VENT…it turned in to HELP SENT ! 

When we earn the business of a new residential customer, we KEEP that customer ! Plain and simple…if the heater or air conditioner isn’t what it SHOULD be in your home…please let us help. From simple and affordable Preventative Maintenance, a simple or complex repair, or the installation of a NEWMore EFFICIENT, MONEY SAVING  unit…Ventec has been EXCEEDING our customers’ expectations for over 3 DECADES !

We show up ON TIME…and we DON’T show up in old rusty pickem’up trucks with 86 empty beer cans in the back!

Our fleet of trucks are plenty and newer and reliable ! You’ve probably seen them in YOUR neighborhood ! They are stocked with the parts YOU need….TODAY ! Only relatives and HIGHLY QUALIFIED and TRAINED, SCREENED individuals comprise the COMPETENT staff of Ventec !

  Ventec Refrigeration, Inc. offers:

24 Hour Emergency Service !!  ANY TIME…DAY OR NIGHT !
• Commercial design and build
CUSTOM design and installs
• Maintenance contracts…and we can repair ANY MAKE OR MODEL !! We’re THAT GOOD and EXPERIENCEDand we strive to be EVERYTHING you WANT and EXPECT when someone enters YOUR HOME!


            and PRICING !

If you haven’t yet gone to the About Us page yet…PLEASE do so. The info on that page should help you feel CONFIDENT about the decision to VENT...
and get HELP SENT !!!!!


24 Hour Emergency Service!